Ron Wiener's Covid update:

  • Drama Groups - I am now running online, on zoom, two improvisation groups. The first is on Tuesday mornings (UK time) and is a continuation of the group I used to run at '7' in Leeds. The second is a newly formed international improvisation theatre group that meets on Thursday evenings (UK time). Both groups have limited vacancies. If interested please contact me
  • Mentoring and Supervision. - these sessions continue as before Skype, WhatsApp and Zoom
  • A Health Trust has commissioned Chai Cup, my Asian theatre company' to produce an internet play about the pandemic as they are concerned about the slow take up of the vaccination in the BAME community. The play is in rehearsal now and is likely to be available on You Tube sometime in March.
  • I am part of ISCAN (the International Sociodrama and Creative Action Network) and we have been running a number of workshops on zoom which have covered: the pandemic; migrants and how to use zoom in creating sociodramas. These have been run for: The 7th International Online Sociodrama Conference; the British Psychodrama Association, the Sheffield Migrants matters conference among others. This year we have a four week course entitled: Sociodrama: Explore Systems, develop communities, transform organisations ; another on anti-racism and planning further courses on global warming. In addition we run Action Learning Sets and occasional Drop in sessions for ISCAN members.
  • If interested in any of these projects please contact me at or go to our website or look for us on google and other sites
Dr Ron Wiener