Mentor and Coach

A long history of training and consultancy work

  • Specialist in team building
  • Advanced workshops for organisational consultants

Academic & Publications

Academic Qualifications: 

  • B.A. from University of Sydney
  • Ph.D. from London School of Economics
  • Diploma in Group Action Methods and Sociodrama

Community Theatre

Director/Producer of various groups/workshops, including:

  • Artistic Director of 3 community theatre groups in West Yorkshire
  • Mentor to a group in New York that I helped to establish
  • Devisor and Director of Leeds on Trial - performed at Leeds Summat 2011


  • Senior Sociodrama Trainer: British Psychodrama Association
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, British Psychodrama Association, 2008
  • Course leader of Sociodrama workshops in Europe, China & Russia