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Academic & Publications


  • B.A. University of Sydney, 1962
  • Ph.D. London School of Economics, 1968
  • Diploma in Group Action Methods and Sociodrama, Holwell, 1996

University Posts Held:

  • Research Officer, LSE, 1969/70
  • Adult Education Lecturer, Leeds University Extra-Mural Department
  • Community Psychology Lecturer, Bradford University
  • Lecturer, post-graduate community studies course, Bradford University

Academic Books:

  • Community Action: The Belfast Experience, Noteams Press, 1975
  • Drugs and Schoolchildren, Longmans, 1970
  • Creative Training, JKP, 1997 (Hebrew edition, July 2014. Rumanian edition)

This is a useful and thought provoking book
- Martin Spillane, Adult Learning

This is an easy to read and practical handbook for people who work with groups
- Kate Kirk, BPA Journal

  • With Di Adderley & Kate Kirk (eds) - Sociodrama in a Changing World, Lulu, 2011 (Turkish Edition, due 2019)
    Available to buy from (£21.00 excl. VAT).

The book… delivered some new and stimulating information, creative ideas, and a strong message of promise. By itself, the raw energy of these courageous directors provides a real inspiration. Helping groups of people enable themselves to develop collective responses to the challenges we now face may well be crucial to the survival of the planet. In summary, I was impressed with the depth and detail found in this anthology. While occasionally repetitious, the wide variety of experience contained in its pages keeps the reader intrigued and committed. It is highly recommended reading for both practitioners and learners.
- Terry Teaters

  • Let's Imagine - a book of spontaneity warm up exercises, Lulu, 2012
    Available to buy from (£8.99 excl. VAT) or directly from the author (£11 inc. p&p)

Let’s imagine written by Ron Wiener is a nice invitation to raise the group’s readiness to work, experiment, create, propose, challenge, play, invent, dig, expand, pretend, act, react, jump laterally, concretize, contain, explore and have fun.
- Irina Stefanescu

Book Chapters:

  • 'Supervision in a Residential/Day Care Setting' in J. Pritchard (ed) Good Practice in Supervision, JKP 1995
  • 'A Sociodramatist Goes to Work' in Anna Chesner & Herb Hahn (eds) Creative Advances in Groupwork, JKP 2002
  • With Pete Brown : 'Counselling and the Male Survivor' in Zetta Bear (ed) Good Practice in Counselling People who have been abused, JKP 1998