Consultancy Areas:  Organisational Consultant  |  Academic and Publications  |  Community Theatre  |  Sociodrama


  • Senior Sociodrama Trainer: British Psychodrama Association
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, British Psychodrama Association, 2008
  • Elected President, British Psychodrama Association, 2012
  • Ex - Director, MPV/SAM Sociodrama Training School
  • Scientific Advisor to 4th and 5th International Sociodrama Conferences in Italy 2013 and Greece 2015

Ron Wiener - the Sociodramatist. I had impatiently waited for his workshop and my expectations have definitely been exceeded. There was an explosion of energy of a very large group, a multicultural one, that joined together, individuated, continuously remodelled and restructured following the thread of a terrifying Romanian folk story… Thank you Ron for this spectacular show.

Course leader of sociodrama training courses in:

  • England
  • Rumania
  • Greece
  • China
  • Russia

Workshops in:

  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • Germany
  • Holland
  • Norway

Workshops at the following conferences:

  • IAGP in Israel and Portugal
  • ISPSO in Denmark
  • FEPTO in Scotland
  • BPA
  • BPS organisational psychology section
  • Rumanian Psychodrama Annual Conference, Craiova 2011
  • Spanish Psychodrama Annual Conference 2012
  • 1st & 2nd International Sociodrama Conferences
  • Scientific Advisor to 4th Conference in Italy 2013


  • Sociodrama with Seniors in the Proceedings of the Second International Sociodrama Conference, Shadows of Society, Swedish Association of Psychodramatists 2009
  • Sociodrama and Child Abuse: BPA News, July 1995 pp11-14
  • P.Sternberg & A. Garcia: Sociodrama: Who’s in Your Shoes? 2nd ed. Greenwood 2000
  • Role Training: An Example from Community CARE: J. of Training and Development Vol. 2, No2 pp65-68